Our Vision

Our Vision for East Hill Community Church is to be a loving community of faith that seeks to live out the way of Jesus Christ.

As we live out this vision, we are giving focus to being an intergenerational church community, being intentional in discipleship, and being a sent community

Being an Intergenerational Church 

Together we are a community of all ages in worship, discipline and ministry. We cultivate an environment where all ages can learn from each other and support each other in our journey with God. We are purposeful in seeking opportunities for the whole church to come together as one family where relationships can be formed and strengthened and each person is acknowledged as a valued part of the community. 

Being Intentional in Discipleship 

At East Hill Community Church, we seek to be deliberate in developing disciples of Jesus Christ. This means we are committed to growing in our knowledge of the gospel and its working in the fiber of our daily lives. We can only do this with the power of the Holy Spirit and in the context of Christian community.  Will you join us!? 

Being a Sent Community 

We are a people sent by Jesus into our neighborhoods where we live, work and play to embody His presence in the world. Communally we are sent to serve the East Hill Community of Vernon by loving and giving ourselves to our neighbours and the wider community as we seek God’s justice and peace in every area of life.  Please help us: we can’t do it alone!