Mexico Ministry

What is it?

A meal program that feeds the children who attend the school in the dump in Ixtapa, Zihuatanejo, Mexico.


There are approximately 95 families who live and work at the dump. They live in a variety of homes from a bunch of boards leaning against each other, to pallets and cloth, to rough shanty houses. No running water and a few toilets but mostly outhouses. They scrounge through the dump for items worth selling and recyclables. The children did not attend school because they were needed to work to help support the family.

A few years ago some tourists put up a building and hired a teacher. The attendance was dismal at best.

“Maybe they will come if we feed them.” was someone’s idea and so the meal program was born.  First, food was brought in from other communities. Then a kitchen was built, and although attendance did increase, it was usually only the very young children who came. The older children were still needed to help their parents work.

“Maybe they will come if we feed them 2 meals.”  This seemed to be the tipping point. If the children get 2 free meals and an education, not to mention, treats, Christmas gifts, clothes and visiting doctors and dentists, it was worth more then what they could make working with their parents. Attendance will always
be a little spotty, but now there is a solid core of 90 children from preschool to middle school.

Feeding these underprivileged children is a crucial part of their future. Nutrition and education is likely the only way they will break free from the generation poverty that they are trapped in.

We at East Hill Community Church are reaching out beyond our small city to help these children as we feel God is leading us to do with the words “and do not forget to do good and to share with others, for with such sacrifices God is pleased.” Hebrews 13:16.

How to help?

This donor-only funded school has many items on their budget. Some of those items include: wages for an administrator/teacher, plus 3 other teachers, electricity and  supplies.

Providing food and safe drinking water for the children is our main focus. Your gifts are gratefully accepted and are tax receipt-able.

There are convenient ways you can help the Mexico Ministry.  Click the give to “Mexico Ministries” button to start.