COVID-19 Response

Latest Update

Thank God the COVID-19 pandemic has been relatively minimal in the Okanagan.  Our worship services were always online and that’s how many continue to worship from week to week.

However, we are also able to meet in-person again!  Praise the Lord!
If you decide to come and worship with us in-person, we just ask that you follow a few simple guidelines:
~ masks are to be worn when entering, exiting and moving around the building.
~ please use sanitizer when entering the building.
~ follow social distancing guidelines and sit 6 feet apart (seating is be staggered throughout the sanctuary).
there is extra seating in the foyer for anyone wanting to social distance a little more.
~ singing in allowed.

Sunday School is also back for the children, Preschool to Grade 6.
The Nursery, however, is still closed to due lack of a coordinator.

 As always, feel free to worship live online with us at @ 10am or watch/worship later in the archived services.

This is a time for us to love and serve like never before!

This pandemic is yet another reminder that we live in a world of suffering, sickness, sin, and death. None of us are immune to these things. Praise the Lord for the good news of Jesus!  God has not left us alone in this.

  • PRAY DAILY for mercy for the ill, endurance for health care team, insight for researchers, and wisdom for officials

  • SERVE by looking to the needs of others. Remember our health-compromised, marginalized, poor, isolated, and oppressed. How can we extend love and support in practical ways

  • CONNECT with church family, neighbours, and surrounding community in other ways. Though we aren’t all gathering for Sunday worship, consider other ways to build fellowship with one another. Text a friend. Email our prayer team. Keep in touch. Start a group chat.

  • CONTRIBUTE faithfully to God’s good work here and around the world.

  • REFLECT on how precious life is and the beauty of the good news that God’s grace through faith in Jesus gives you fullness of life here and now, as well as for eternity!